Hello and thanks for using Mp3nity. We've compiled a small list of Frequently Asked Questions. We hope it helps.

If you can't find your answer, please contact us and we'll do our best to respond.

Related to usage:

Why can't Mp3nity access the internet?

Mp3nity uses the same settings as Internet Explorer. So if IE works, Mp3nity must work as well, unless it has been blocked.

Make sure that Mp3nity is on your exceptions list: If you're using WinXP, Open Control Panel>Windows Firewall>Exceptions Tab. If you're using Vista, Open Control Panel>Windows Firewall and click "Allow a program through windows firewall". Ensure that Mp3nity is added and checked. Then try again.

If you're using additional anti-spyware, anti-virus, or firewall tools, try to allow Mp3nity in a similar way.

Why doesn't Mp3nity start on my computer?
Very rarely, on some Windows Vista systems with a very high level of UAC (User account control), Mp3nity fails to start. To fix this issue, please Right-Click the Mp3nity icon, and select Run As Administrator. Normally, this is required only the first time Mp3nity runs.
How can I bring back Browse With Mp3nity in Windows Explorer?
Please make sure you have the most recent version installed. If you're using Windows Vista with UAC, select Run As Administrator to open Mp3nity. Open Options>Shell, make sure Browse with Mp3nity is checked, and press OK.
How do I set/complete an Album info from the web?

Follow these steps.

  1. Open and select all the files that belong to the same album
  2. Click Tag From Web
    Mp3nity connects to the internet and retrieves the information. If the name of the record was not detected correctly, re-enter it, and search again.
  3. Make sure all the information are correct, including the artist name and the track titles.
  4. Click Set.

Similarly, you could browse for the album in the Web tab, and click Set Using Tag From Web in a result.

How can I batch download lyrics from the web into my songs and how can I view them on my iPod?

First Using Mp3nity:

  1. Open files in Mp3nity.
  2. Select them.
  3. Click the Lyrics toolbar button or Download from the Lyrics Tab.
  4. If Auto-Update is not set. Click Save All.
  5. Close Mp3nity.

Now after you transfer your files to your iPod. Here's how you can read them. Note that this part is taken from the iTunes support page.

  1. On iPod, start playing any song to which you've added lyrics.
  2. Press the Center button repeatedly. The number of times depends on if you have artwork or not. Here's the order of things when you press the Center button:
    Play status > Scrubber > Album Art > Lyrics/Description > Rating
    If you don't have Album Art or Lyrics, then you'll just see the Rating

    Play status > Scrubber > Rating

Note that older iPod models don't support lyrics. And that some file formats can't store lyrics in them, make sure you see the Lyrics icon in Mp3nity on the Features column of a song.
How can I fix bad tags in files?

Mp3nity always attempts to read bad tags and implicitly fixes them when you call Update. No need for a special procedure. To fix all your tags, simply:

  1. Select all files.
  2. Press Update. If a file is badly tagged or requires updating, it will be updated even if you don't edit the tag. Otherwise, the file is skipped. You can look at the status icon to see which files have been updated.

To completely get rid of old tags, you can call Strip Tag but this will also remove the information that are stored in them.

To force an Update on all files, edit one of the fields (if you have nothing to edit, enter a 'space' in an unused field, then clear it), and press the Update button.

How can I copy tags from Id3v1 to Id3v2?

In Mp3nity, you don't need to worry about which id3 version you're editing. All tags are smartly synced internally when they are read or saved. To update all your tags, simply:

  1. Select all files.
  2. Press Update. If a file is badly tagged or requires updating, it will be updated even if you don't edit the tag. Otherwise, the file is skipped. You can look at the status icon to see which files have been updated.
Mp3nity failed to find the lyrics for one song, What can I do?

Mp3nity reads the Artist and Title attributes before it goes searching for the corresponding lyrics. If those two attributes were misspelled or not entered at all, then it might fail to find the right lyrics.

Also, some rare songs and some songs in foreign languages don't have their lyrics online and therefore Mp3nity fails as well.

If Mp3nity fail all the time, make sure it has access to the internet. Please read Why can't Mp3nity access the internet?
If the problem persists, please contact us with details about your system, your connection, your firewall settings, your IE version and such.

Mp3nity returned the wrong lyrics for one song, What can I do?

Mp3nity reads the Artist and Title attributes before it goes searching for the corresponding lyrics. If those two attributes were misspelled, then it might fail to find the right lyrics.

Also, some songs have titles with very common words. For example, a song called 'You' can confuse the search engine.

In that case, if you're not satisfied with the result, click Try Next in the Lyrics tab. Mp3nity will then try to return the next best match. Repeat if needed.

Mp3nity failed to return the correct picture. What can I do?

Mp3nity reads the Artist and Album attributes before it goes searching for the corresponding Picture. If those two attributes were misspelled, then it might fail to find the right picture.

So make sure they are correctly spelled and remove unnecessary words that are not usually part of the official names. If you don't wish to modify the attributes you can enter a customized query by clicking the drop-down menu on the Download button in the Picture tab.

If an incorrect picture is returned, click Try Next, to get the next best match.

Finally, if you give up on automated search, you can manually find an image. Choose Google Images from the download menu, and Drag the best picture and Drop it on one or more files.

If Mp3nity fail all the time, make sure it has access to the internet. Please read Why can't Mp3nity access the internet?

Which file formats are supported by the Tag Editor?
Mp3nity currently supports mp3 (id3v1/id3v2), wma, wmv, asf, ogg, flac, aac, mp4, m4a, m4v, m4b, mpc, ape.
Can the Tag Editor edit Wav files?
No. Standard Wave files (.wav) don't contain/support tags in them. Media players usually store wav tag information in their own libraries, rather than inside the file, like mp3s for example. Meaning, this information will be missing when you move the file to another system.
Can I set my songs Rating?

Although Mp3nity supports the Rating attribute to some media types, media players, such as Windows Media Player and iTunes, don't use the rating that is stored in the file's tag, instead they store their own in their library databases along with other information such as the play count, last-played time, and so on.

So, editing the Rating attribute in Mp3nity will not matter to most of these programs.

Does Mp3nity support iTunes Tags?

Yes. iTunes tags are supported in the following formats: mp4, m4a, m4b, and m4v.

All fields that iTunes use are supported, including the basic attributes, the Sort attributes, Lyrics, and Pictures.

Which file formats are supported by the Converter?

Mp3nity can convert and play any audio file format as long as the proper codec is installed on your system. Mp3nity uses the same codecs as Windows Media Player and DirectShow.

However, files that are not supported by the Tag Editor are not displayed by default, to change this setting, go to Options>General.

Mp3nity can currently encode files in mp3 (vbr, abr and cbr, any bitrate), wma, and wav.

Can I cobvert video to audio files (extract audio tracks)?

Mp3nity can convert some video to audio files depending on the decoders that are installed on your system.

Video formats that aren't supported by the tag editor are hidden by default even if they may be convertable, to show them, go to Options and check "Open virtually any type", then open a folder, select a file, and convert it, if it starts the conversion, then Mp3nity can decode it.

I accidently converted my songs to a very low quality, can I undo?

Yes. Mp3nity's Converter doesn't destroy your old files, it simply sends them to the Recycle Bin, simply for that purpose. If you feel you need to restore your orginal files, just open your Recycle Bin and click Restore on those files.

Why can't the CD ripper recognitze this CD?

Unfortunately Mp3nity is not currently compatible with some types of audio CDs, but it will be in a future version.

Can I use the Playlist Generator to create one simple playlist?

It's called Advanced Playlist Generator because it is meant to generate multiple playlists from a big batch of files.

If you need to create one simple playlist, then you need not to look any further than the Playlist menu. Open any files you like, re-order them if you wish, and from the Playlist menu, select Save Playlist, and choose the file format and the filename.

Why can't I run Mp3nity on old Windows versions?
Older Windows versions such as Windows 95, 98 or NT may require GDI+.
Is there an Mp3nity version for Linux or Mac?

Unfortunately, we don't have immediate plans to build Mp3nity for Linux or Mac.

However, it's been reported that Mp3nity works successfully under Ubuntu Linux with the help of a tool called WINE. We haven't verified or tested it though.

Does Mp3nity crash?
Although we'd like to believe that that is impossible, unfortunately we can't, programs behave differently from a computer to another. We urge you to contact us if Mp3nity crashes on your computer and provide details and we'll do our best to fix it as soon as possible.

Related to the software:

Is Mp3nity FREE?
Yes, Mp3nity is now available in two modes. Free and Premium. The FREE mode is a fully functional mode, it doesn't expire, it doesn't contain adware or nagging dialogs, and it still has all the tools that make Mp3nity awesome.
What are the differences between Free and Premium?
Here are some of the visible advantages of becoming a Premium user:
  • Optimized performance.
  • CD ripper
  • File converter
  • Mass Picture and Lyrics search
  • Macros
  • More online databases
Beside the ability to unlock and use unlimitedly the best, all in one, music organizing application:
  • Your license will be valid for all future updates, versions and services of Mp3nity.
  • Get priority technical support.
  • And yes, suggestions from our friends go much further.
  • Your support will significantly help Mp3nity and contribute to, and encourage more updates and tools. So we thank you.
Why is there a Premium mode?

Premium is a special mode, provided in the same installer as a Thank You to all users who have supported Mp3nity by purchasing a license. 

Mp3nity is not and will never be supported by adware or spyware, or by installing 3rd party programs or toolbars, neither by advertisements for incoming traffic on the website, so by purchasing your copy is how Mp3nity goes on.

Mp3nity is developed by a team of creative professionals including experienced engineers and designers, so you can also expect a certain high quality, and lots of originality, this is the program that has introduced many firsts, including first Tag from Web, first mass picture search, first mass lyrics search, macros, etc... And expect more soon!

Can I try Premium for Free?
Sure, why not. When you install Mp3nity, all Premium features are available for free and fully functional for a long period of time. If you agree, that Mp3nity is worth it, then you are welcome to purchase a license.
I lost my key. Can you send it to me again?

We can send you your key again up to one week after your purchase, in case you didn't receive it or there was an unexpected problem. However, after that, it's our policy not to re-issue any keys.

We always ask you to keep safely a printout of your activation info so in case you lose your software purchase email, you can turn to your printout. There are websites on the internet, that, for a nominal fee, can store your software keys for you, but it's almost ridiculous. It is your responsibility to protect your purchases, it's just the case in everything you buy. Right?

I've purchased your software but I haven't received an email from you yet.

You should receive an automated email from our servers almost instantly or as soon as your payment clears by Paypal.

We always suggest that you add '@littlelan.com' to your allowed senders list, so your purchase email will not be blocked. We hope that you've followed this advice.

Here are few suggestions if you fail to receive an email:

  • Check your junk/bulk/spam folder in your email account. Some filters may consider this email as spam and block it.
  • Check your payment status in your Paypal account. Some payments may take up to a week for clearance, mostly ones made with checks, e-checks, or suspicious credit cards. If that's the case, Paypal will notify us as soon as your payment is verified. We assure you there's nothing to worry about.
  • If you have more than one email address registered with Paypal, always check the inbox of your 'primary' address.
  • Your email server may be under heavy load, and therefore, e-mails may be delayed.
  • Please be patient and allow some time. Afterwards, you can contact us and we'll be more than happy to assist you.
How many users does my Premium license allow to activate Mp3nity?
Only one, YOU, the person whose name appear in the purchase email. You're not allowed to distribute your license code to your family members, friends, colleges, or anyone else, without exceptions.
I have a key but why isn't it working?

Make sure you obtained your key from, and only from Littlelan.com.

Enter your information exactly as they appear in your purchase email including your name.

Always use Copy/Paste on all 4 fields to avoid mistakes or if you're using a keyboard layout other than English.

Also make sure Mp3nity has access to the internet. Please read Why can't Mp3nity access the internet.

What does Mp3nity mean anyways?
When we started developing the program in the early 2000s, The Matrix was a huge movie, and we were all big fans of Carrie-Anne Moss's character Trinity, so someone suggested the name Mp3nity, which is a combination of the words Mp3, which was the only format supported at the time, and Trinity, since it featured 3 different functionalities in one program.


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